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Thank you for your partnership. Please use this form to tell us how you would like to help.

    We Appreciate your Partnership

    All donations go directly to the ministry and service activities you have specified.

    If donating goods, please let us know if you want to purchase items directly or you have items you would like to give? You can buy directly from Amazon or other site and have it delivered to 4951 Burberry Way, Fairburn GA 30213. If you use this method, please email us at with a copy your receipt or a message with the content/value, so that we can inventory it properly when it arrives and provide a donation receipt.  If you have other items, please provide a brief description and estimated value. We will contact you to make  arrangements to receive those items.

    If you would like to donate services, please tell us how you or your organization would you like to help? (For example: partnering for a community event, volunteering for an event, providing training or vocational services for WOP program participants, providing other services legal, medical, housing services to program participants, or other special services like grant writing, fundraising, advisory/consultation, administrative, etc.)

    If you would like to become a volunteer or a community ambassador. Please tell use how you would like to help. Would you like to get your workplace or church involved in financial sponsorship, volunteering, hosting an event, or a donation drive?

    If you would like to become a partner organization, please tell us more about your organization and any particular area you would like to partner on (Cohosting/Coadministration of community outreach events, hosting donation drives, volunteer recruitment, or other specific services). If you can include your website information that would be helpful. We look forward to working with you.

    For those interesting in WOP Corporate Sponsorship, please let us know how your organization would like to help and if there is a specific area that your company would like to support.

    Following form completion and review, we will contact you to discuss specific opportunities.  Please direct any questions to

    Woman on Purpose (“WOP”) is changing lives through love and service.



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