Our History

Woman on Purpose is a faith-based service organization that has been in service to the community since 2006. The organization was born out of the vision of our founder and Chairwoman/CEO Pastor Bola Adepoju, who was charged with the duty to minister to women of all ages, races, and ethnic backgrounds and to empower women to be all God created them to be. Woman on Purpose looks beyond the spiritual needs of the individual and approaches women in a more holistic manner as a member of a family and a community.

At the inception, Woman on Purpose hosted quarterly and annual events and conferences, targeted specifically toward women and women ministers. In 2011, Woman on Purpose reached out to shelters, in the Atlanta Metropolitan area to provide clothing items, hygiene products, food (perishable and non-perishable), blankets, toys, etc., and health screening to clients at the shelters. In 2017, the vision of Woman on Purpose enlarged to include female youth and young adults to address the spiritual needs of the younger generation. Overtime, in response to growing needs in the community and the growth of the organization, Woman on Purpose has further extended its reach in service to families and individuals on the streets facing homeless and the underserved population. We partner with for-profit and nonprofit organizations, churches, shelters and individuals.

Woman on Purpose has recently obtained for 501c3 nonprofit status, transitioning from a faith-based service organization to a faith-based nonprofit service organization, allowing us to continue to broaden the scope and depth of the work of the organization, engaging in both ministry and service. We deliver a broader spectrum of programs focused on empowering, educating, and supporting women and their families and targeted outreach activities to provide well-needed services and to address the basic needs of the homeless and underserved in the Atlanta community. Our objective is to have a widespread positive and sustainable impact on the individuals we serve and our local community.

Since the transition to a nonprofit, we have been able to establish a sound organizational structure, with a well-functioning, diverse Board of Directors and a loyal volunteer base. We have built several partnerships and have forged some key collaborative relationships. We look forward to continual growth and enhancing our capacity to uplift women and to confront homelessness in our community in a more holistic, robust, and enduring manner over time. We continue to develop and work toward creating the structure necessary to achieve our long-term goal of providing comprehensive residential restorative programming to women and families facing homelessness and also to develop community programs to better address teenage pregnancy, poverty, and other issues affecting women.

Woman on Purpose (“WOP”) is changing lives through love and service.



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