August 1, 2015
Judges 11:1-11, 32; Genesis 32:22-28

In 1971, George Foreman won in a crushing victory against the previously undefeated and undisputed world heavyweight champion Joe Frazier. Foreman went on to successfully defend his title over the next two years. However, in 1974, Foreman fought with Mohammed Ali and was defeated. Foreman suffered his first loss ever and he stopped fighting for a while. He came back to fight, but was beaten again by Jimmy Young in 1977.

In 1987, ten years after he stopped fighting, Foreman announced that he was coming back! He was coming back with a vengeance. In 1994 he once again won the world heavyweight championship title. He also set the following three 3 records at the event: First, he was the oldest world champion ever. He was forty-eight years old. Secondly, he had the longest period for a boxer to go between losing his title and regaining it. It took twenty-years for him to regain his title. Thirdly, he had the biggest difference in age between opponents. He was 19 years older than his opponent! Foreman’s money was running out so he had to make a decision whether to go back to the ring and win the championship one last time or die bankrupt. He had several defeats, but kept coming back. So at age 45, in the face of opposition, he regained the championship one last time. His comeback allowed him to launch a successful career as an entrepreneur. Talk about fighting your way back to the top! Foreman is said to have made more money from his famous “Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine” than he made his whole fighting career! Foreman states, “Age is not a death sentence.” I’m saying to you too, age is not a barrier.

In Psalm 126:1-2, when God turned again the captivity of Zion, it was like they were dreaming. God filled their mouths with laughter and their tongues with singing. Even the heathen testified that God had done great things for them. Also, when Peter was put in Prison in Acts 12, he was chained hands and feet and put in the middle of 16 soldiers. God sent an angel to release him and rescue him from death. The angel took him out of the removed the chains from his hands and feet and led him out of the city. The whole time this was happening, Peter thought he was dreaming. God gave him a comeback so he could continue his assignment.

In Judges 11, Jephthah, a man of valor was an outcast and denied an inheritance by his brothers because his mother was a harlot. He was ostracized by the people who were supposed to love him and had no choice but to go live in the land of Tob among “riffraffs”. God staged a cone back which was the start of a new season for Jephthah. The Amorites waged a war against his people and the elders came to beg him to come back to save them. They promised that they would not only restore him back to the city, they would make him their captain and leader. What a comeback! The people that despised him begged him to come and help them. They thought they had taken his life, but they could not take his destiny. He was a champion and he would remain a champion, whether the devil liked it or not. So Jephthah agreed to help Israel fight against Ammon and God delivered them into his hands. What a comeback! It was a new season in Jephthah’s life and it will be a new season in your life too.

Another case in point is the account of Jacob in Genesis 32:22-28. Jacob was entering a new season of his life and he wanted to shut the door permanently to the old life and open the door to the new season God had promised him. The only obstacle between him and the new was his brother. His brother Esau had vowed to kill him in his old life. However, God promised Jacob that he would do him good and make his seed as the sand of the sea (Genesis 32:12). So if God is true to his word, Jacob had to find out. The opportunity came and he wrestled with an angel until daybreak. Jacob was in a desperate position and he had reached a defining moment in his life it was his Kairos moment and he was not going to miss his opportunity at a new life. He had to do something fast so his destiny would not be aborted by his brother.  He was not going to let go of this angel until he blessed him. When the angel realized Jacob was not going to give up and let him go until he blessed him, he had no choice but to bless him. So the angel asked him for his name and he said, “Jacob.” The angel said “Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men and hast prevailed.” In other words, Jacob fought (contended) and prevailed. He did not chicken out at the last minute. He was determined not to go back to his father’s house the way he left it 20 years ago.  His name was changed from Jacob to Israel. It was the beginning of his new season.

I don't know what opponent in life might have you against the ropes right now. You too can begin your new season today.  Maybe your “opponent:” are people who have talked down on you, rejection, depression, addiction, sickness, financial worries, oppression of some king, lack of self-confidence or a disability of some type. May be your “old life” is staring you in the face and the enemy is saying it will never go away and you will never breakthrough or break free of your past. The devil is a liar! Whatever the case, George Foreman, Jephthah, David and Jacob showed us that the fight isn't over until it is over. Stand back up, brush the dust of discouragement and fear off and get back in the fight. A righteous man falleth seven times and he rises up again (Proverbs 24:16).

Have you ever had a setback socially, physically, mentally or emotionally? Have you taken a beating and wondered if you can ever continue even when the Word of God and people try to remind you that you're still a champion on the inside? Have you thrown in the towel and refuse to believe them or even believe in yourself? Maybe you have walked away from life for a time and decided to take the back seat just as Foreman, Jephthah and Jacob did. I am announcing to you today that if you do not give up, your own personal championship is waiting. Even when it seems all is lost, God will give you a comeback. Even where it seems all is lost, there is always a way to comeback and the way is through Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Light!

I am declaring, “This is a new season for you. Your night season is over and you do not have to succumb to it.  It is the dawning of a new day for you. You will make it out of your night season. If you get up and fight, the enemy that has held you down will flee. James 4:7 says if you submit yourself to God and resist the devil and he will surely flee from you. So submit to God today and resist every temptation of the enemy. Resist his antics. Resist every negative voice of defeat, dejection and rejection. He will surely flee from you. You will not stay down forever. In this new season, God will give you a new name. He will give you a new identity. Your enemy will not win in Jesus’ name. The anointing of the Holy Ghost will destroy everything that has prevailed over you in your past. “You are a champion and God’s hand upon you will make sure you remain one. Do not give up. The Lord will strengthen and uphold you. You are too close to the finishing line to quit now. You must press your way into your new season. You must press your way into the presence of God. You must persevere, be tenacious, and be consistent in your pursuit of God. You must persevere in your pursuit of your destiny. You cannot allow “nay sayers” to prevail. God will send you the help you need along the way if you don’t give up. It is your NEW SEASON and it is well with you this month and always in Jesus’ name. 


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