February 1, 2017
I Kings 18:1-16; 41-46

~~There had been famine for over 3years in Samaria. Cattle were dying and food was running out in the land. King Ahab did not know what to do about it. He knew something drastic had to happen so he would not lose all his livestock.  So he went out to look for food for his cattle so that the ones left would not die. You will agree with me that the situation must have been very bad to make a king leave his palace to go looking for food for his cattle! In addition to looking for food, he set out to look for Elijah, but he was not successful. Can you imagine how he must have felt? I’m sure he felt frustrated, helpless, anxious, heartbroken, dejected and defeated. However, when it was time for the drought to end and the season of the release of the rain to begin, God told Elijah that He was going to send rain and that he (Elijah) should go and show himself to King Ahab. Elijah meets with King Ahab and in Verse 41, he said to the king, “Get thee up, eat and drink; for there is a sound of abundance of rain.” In other words, he was telling Ahab, your season of struggle, defeat, anxiety and drought is over. Shake of the garment of defeat and lack and put on a garment of praise for I hear the sound of an abundance of rain. What a reassurance!

Rain is a gift from God. God has the power and ability to give us rain in “our land” in due season and at the right time. When rain comes at the right time, it has a proportionate effect on your harvest. Little rain little harvest; abundant rain, abundant harvest.

In the above article, the Lord promised a parched land an abundance of rain. Is “your land” parched? Have you been deprived of rain? Are you experiencing any form of drought in your life? Your parched land will be watered again in Jesus’ name. Even though there was no sign of rain, Elijah believed there was going to be rain. So he cast himself down before his face on Mount Carmel waiting for the manifestation of the word of God. He sent his servant to go look towards the sea to see if there was any sign of rain and the servant came back the first time and said there was nothing.  But he told his servant to go again and again seven times. Even though there was nothing the first six times, Elijah did not give up. He pressed and on the 7th time, he saw a cloud the size of a man’s hand. He got his victory and saw a sign of what the Lord said he would see. You will receive your victory and see all that the Lord wants you to see in your life. Your season of spiritual drought is over. God will rain His anointing upon you. He will rain His fire upon you. He will rain His glory upon you. You will bask in His presence. Just as the servant saw a cloud like a man’s hand, God will show you His hand of favor. He will show you His hand of victory. He will show you His hand of lifting. He will show you His hand of grace and mercy. When it rains, the heavens open. The heavens over your life and destiny will open in Jesus’ name.

Elijah said, “Eat and drink because there was going to be an abundance of rain.” In essence, Elijah was telling Ahab, “You have been troubled long enough. You have suffered long enough. You have labored for too long. You do not have to run helter skelter anymore. The season of famine and drought is over in your life. There is a season of an abundance coming your way. It will be a season of rain that will take over and consume every year that the cankerworm, palmerworm and caterpillar of sin and disobedience have eaten in your life. I sense a season of rejoicing, merriment and celebration coming your way. There is a season of rest coming your way. It is season that will cause anxiety to cease; a season that will cause frustration to cease. It is a season that will put an end to your reproach. I hear the coming of an abundance of rain and you are going to partake of it. The famine you are experiencing will become history in your land.” To Ahab, this may have looked impossible because he had experienced drought for so long and it did not look like it was going to end anytime soon. Secondly, it was only Elijah that heard the sound of the rain. He, Ahab, could not hear or see it. Thirdly, it was this same prophet that pronounced the famine in his land. How in God’s name could he now pronounce a blessing? How will this happen? How in God’s name can this be possible? God has the power to reverse every negative situation in your life. He has the power to use the most unlikely people to bless you. Your detractors will not have any choice but to pronounce blessings upon your land. Your blessings will come from the most unusual places in Jesus’ name.

For most people, “Seeing is believing.” For God, “Believing is seeing.” When God says a thing, believe it and see it with the eyes of your spirit.  Have you found yourself where Ahab is? Have you lived so long with that condition and you are unable to see anything else? Have you lived in that condition for so long that even when you hear it is going to be over, you cannot believe it? God is saying, “There is going to be an abundance of rain in your life. There will be an abundance of rain in your home. There will be an abundance of rain in your marriage. There will be an abundance of rain upon your finances. There shall no longer be famine in your “land.” There will no longer be famine of His Word.” He says, “He will give His Word to those who will receive it, embrace it and live it. He will make His Word new to them every day. He will send His Word to heal and deliver you. He will send His word of salvation to the lost in your family.” He says, “The services in your church will be different if you love and obey Me. You will see My glory if you will truly embrace My Word and live in holiness. For there will be an abundance of My rain in your church as long as your church represents the One who died for you.”

Even though Elijah had not seen the rain or heard the sound of it, he believed that there was going to be an abundance of it. When Elijah told him to get up, eat and drink, he did just that!!! Even though you have not seen the manifestation of the Word, can you trust God enough to believe it? Elijah heard an abundance of rain. What do you hear? Are you able to hear God clearly or are you hearing echoes and the negative reports of the enemy? Do not allow the enemy to play mind games with you. The Lord will open your spiritual ears to hear Him clearly. I block off and silence every static noise that is not allowing you to hear Him clearly in the name of Jesus. I block off every interruption, disruption and obstruction by the enemy in the realm of the Spirit. I prophesy an abundance of God’s rain in your home, in your business, in your church, in your ministry, in your family and in your finances. I prophesy an abundance of God’s rain of favor, glory, and honor. Verse 45 says that the heaven was black with clouds and wind. God’s cloud of glory will cover you. The wind of His anointing will blow over you. He will breathe His life afresh into you and upon you in Jesus’ name. Heaven will open up and off load all it has to offer on your life. I prophesy an abundance of God’s rain on your body from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet; healing and restoration is your portion in Jesus’ name. There is an abundance of rain upon your life spiritually. You will become a voice to the voiceless; spiritual eyes to the blind and ears for the spiritually deaf in Jesus’ name. The Lord will drench you with His glory and power. The Lord will take you from where you are spiritually to another level in Him. Get up, do not mourn, sorrow or pity party. Rise up, eat and drink. (Celebrate). Give Him extravagant praise like you have never given Him before. Feed yourself with the His Word like you have never done before. For there shall be an abundance of His rain in your life in Jesus name. AMEN”


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