January 15, 2017
ISAIAH 60:1-5

For your light to come in this season of harvest and rest, you must first do one thing, arise. To arise will mean to some a shift in position, spiritually, to some a shift physically, mental shift, a shift in mindset...... Get up from your slumber. Get up from your pity party. Get up from the slum. Remove yourself from the bottom of the valley; it is too crowded there. Get up from mediocrity. It is a call to action. It means get up and get going. It is a season of God’s light penetrating into every darkness in your life if you allow Him. Even though some will see and experience darkness, your case shall be different. You are getting up out of their midst. For you to overcome this year, you do not only have to obey the word, you have to make it the Final Authority in every area of your life. You will be seeing and experiencing what others are not seeing and experiencing, because you are obedient to the clarion call to get up and do what God says to do. The obedient will reap a bountiful harvest and rest this year. They will experience the Light and Glory in an unusual way. When there is chaos, you will experience peace. And the light and glory upon you shall attract the “Gentiles” (unbelievers). Your light will attract those in darkness. It will attract kings. It will attract sons and daughters. It will attract blessings that will cause you and others to fear the God of Light and Salvation. Darkness will not be your portion. God will divinely exchange darkness with light. You will become a “solution” to the people enveloped by the “darkness” of despondency, darkness of frustration, darkness of sickness, darkness of affliction and oppression, darkness of poverty, and darkness of sin. You must discover in the word of God this year the solution to every area you need God’s light to shine. Knowledge is power.
Many will receive the “Watchmen” anointing for specific assignments. He will increase the intercessory anointing on some and on others, place a new mantle and anointing for intercession, It is a clarion call for watchmen assigned to regions, cities, nations to take over gates of the regions, cities, and nations and under guard territories of their specific divine assignment. Some are to under guard for leaders in the five-fold ministry and the Church. God is raising watchmen to under guard for decision makers in government, rulers….. While others are to stand in as “general watchmen.” These assignments must not be taken lightly because the destinies of many are hinged upon the obedience of the faithful chosen watchmen.
This year, God is going to release wealth into the hands of faithful and obedient Saints so they can be financiers of Kingdom assignments. In this year of Bountiful Harvest, what you sow is what you will reap in multiple folds. When you sow obedience, you will reap the reward of your obedience. When you sow peace you will reap peace bountifully. If you sow joy in a world of sorrow you will reap joy bountifully. In other words, God is making you a “Solution” to your “world”. Joseph was a financial solution to the famine in Egypt. David was the solution to the oppression thrown at Israel by the Philistines and their champion, Goliath. If you obey the Lord, you will reap the reward of obedience. In Gen 26, God told Isaac not to go to Egypt but to stay in the land he was. Isaac obeyed the Lord, stayed in the barren land and in the same year he reaped a hundred folds. The scripture said, “And Jehovah blessed him and he became great and increased until he became exceedingly great.” In 2017, your obedience will not only bring your harvest, it will bring rest. So it does not matter where you were in 2016 or how you started 2017, as long as you obey God, you will be different. As long as you obey God, your case will always be different. You will always be set apart from the rest. As a carrier of the Light, when men say there is a casting down, your portion and testimony will be there is a rising up. When others are experiencing financial hardship, you will experience God’s abundance and your light will affect many.
There will be some “cross road” experiences. You will have to make some hard decisions when you have your “cross road” experiences. You cannot afford to take any short cuts. Last year many took short cuts. Others procrastinated in obeying God because the instructions were difficult. When God told Abraham to leave his people in Genesis 12, I am certain it was a hard decision for Abraham to make. He was leaving the known for the unknown. He was leaving the familiar for the unfamiliar. He was leaving his “comfort zone.” He was doing something he had not done before and going on a journey he had not been before. He was leaving his people and following a God he hardly knew. This in itself was a big sacrifice. As you know, his obedience paid off. God chose him as the “light” that would dispel the darkness of several generations. God wants you to take a bet on him this year. He wants to pull you from the familiar to the unfamiliar to prove Himself to you and others, particularly unbelievers. Abraham’s obedience to “Arise” made him shine and attract the blessing of Gentiles for many generations. Yours too can be the case of arising and shining. Your light will come and God’s glory will set you apart in Jesus’ name.
There will be a harvest of souls. There is a clarion call for the Church to focus on bringing souls into the Kingdom. We are in a season whereby the devil is in competition for souls and is also harvesting souls for his kingdom. Church should arise to prayer and fasting and soul-winning. 
Are you ready to arise in 2017? It can be an arduous task depending on where you are in your walk. But as God said to Paul in II Corinthians 2:19, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." His grace will be more than sufficient for you this year and beyond. Your obedience will eventually pay off as you experience God’s harvest, rest and increase in all areas of your life. May the Lord give you the grace to obey and not look back in Jesus’ name. May you become that beacon that will show many the “way” to rest and salvation in the mighty name of Jesus. AMEN.


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