October 1, 2015
Esther 4:10-17; I Samuel 9:3-27; I Samuel 15:10-11, 23; I Samuel 2:27-36

~~In the above passage, Esther had the choice whether or not to rise up to her Kingdom responsibility. She was a slave girl who by divine providence was chosen to replace the then queen of Sushan, Vashti. The opportunity given to her was tested by a situation that arose in her kingdom. Haman, an enemy of the Jews plotted to convince the king to destroy the Jews and it seemed the plan was going to work. So the king made a decree to annihilate all the Jews in his kingdom. Her uncle Mordecai sent a message to her to go before the king to make supplication for her people. Esther was not ready to go before the king without an invitation because anyone who ventured to do so was going to be put to death except the king held out his scepter. So she sent a message to her uncle informing him she could not do it. If she did, she was signing her death sentence. Her uncle sent another message to her informing her if she did not do it the salvation of her people would come by another. The kicker in his message to her was this, “…who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” Esther was at a cross roads; should she shy away or hold the bull by its horn? What if the king did not hold out his scepter? What if she was killed for trying to save her people? Her effort would have been in vain and she and the people she was trying to save would be killed. What if….? Esther was in a dilemma, but she could not afford to coward out. She called her maidens and her people to a three day prayer and fasting; no food and no drinks for three days! She resolved, ”If I perish I perish.” What she was saying in essence is that I don’t know how this will turn out, but if I die, at least I would die trying.

What would have happened if Esther decided to shy away from her God-ordained responsibility and look the other way? After all, she was no longer a slave like the others! Her uncle had given her a clue: She would be replaced just as Vashti her predecessor was replaced. If she did not do it, she would be forgotten just like Vashti! No book would have been written in her honor in the Bible! There is so much at stake if she did not do it. Whether she knew it or not, it was god-ordained assignment. God set her up in the palace for this special assignment. In the same vain, if we do not rise up to our kingdom assignment we have not only failed ourselves, we have failed God and our generation. Esther was in the right place, at the right time and she had to do the right thing. She was divinely positioned and she could not afford to miss the opportunity!

In I Samuel 9, Saul on the other hand was in the right place at the right time. He was divinely positioned and appointed. While he was looking for his father’s asses, he ran into his destiny and was anointed king over Israel. He was the least in his father’s house, but he was the chosen! Unfortunately, even though he started well, he did not end well.  When he messed up by disobeying God, he was replaced by David. As David was anointed king in his stead, God's Spirit rested on David. At the same time, an evil spirit rested on Saul (I Samuel 16:13-14). There was not only a physical replacement, there was a spiritual one. Saul missed the divine opportunity for his family to continue to rule over Israel forever! His mistake caused another to be chosen in his stead.

When Eli started messing up and was unable to control his sons who were doing abominable things in the house of God, God prepared a replacement, Samuel.  When Judas betrayed Jesus, he was replaced by Mathias.  Has set you in a position of influence and authority? What are you doing in that position? Are you running God's agenda or your agenda? It is not too late to get back on track. You do not have to be in a place of influence to be divinely positioned. When you are faithful in little things, God will make you master of many. What you do with the opportunities God presents to you is your gift to Him. You cannot afford to miss them or mess up!

When God gives you an assignment, know that if you fail him, He is simultaneously preparing a replacement or a substitute for the same assignment. You are on that assignment wherever you are, not because you are the best candidate or the best qualified, but because God has called and chosen you for it. In this New Season, God is using the foolish things to confound the wise. He is picking up the down and trodden and placing them in places of power and authority. He is placing His anointing on those considered to be “rejected” and “forgotten”. He is also remembering those who are faithful and people who do not mind taking a risk on Him for their next level lifting. God is positioning and repositioning some people and my prayer is that it will be you! So you cannot take His grace for granted. You must remember that you are not indispensable; you are replaceable.  You must count yourself privileged to be called and used by Him, secularly and in the church.

Esther could have missed it just like Vashti, Judas, Saul, Eli and many others, but she refused to be replaced.  She did not look like a queen, but she had an appointment with destiny. Just as God did not look at her past to determine her future, God is not looking at your past to determine your future. Saul's children could have reigned over Israel.  Jesus Christ could have come from his lineage but, he lost his opportunity and the Messiah came from David's lineage. The priesthood could have remained in Eli's family, but it was cut off.  Whatever you do or do not do can affect generations after you. Your assignment is not only for your benefit, it is for the benefit of generations after you. You must be a forward thinker. Refuse to quit on God. There are destinies connected to yours; no matter how small you see yourself.  You are big in God’s eyes and He needs you for a greater purpose. You are living for something greater than you. You are anointed for greatness. You are anointed to be a king and priest (Reve 5:9-10). God is increasing your potential. He is establishing you. He says you can do it. Be ready, be available, be obedient and be faithful. Go in His strength and power.  Know that He Who has called you will not leave or forsake you.  He has your back. You will not be replaced spiritually or physically if you decide to take your place. You will not be displaced or replaced in that home, church, office, business, or ministry. You are an important part of God's program. You are on an assignment.  Stay focused, keep your eyes on the “prize”, stay on target, be steadfast, unshakeable, irremovable and you will fulfill your destiny in Jesus’ name. AMEN.


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